May 2, 2011: Update on my dwarf citrus trees...

My four-year-old dwarf 
indoor-potted citrus trees...

My Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree ~ 
the lemon in the forefront will be ready to be picked 
once it has a slight orange hue to it, 
and the one in the foreground still has a way to go 
as it has not fully turned bright yellow yet 
(to get to this stage these have taken a little over one year...

These are new blossoms on the Meyer Lemon Tree 
that just appeared over this past week...

This is one of several new baby Meyer Lemons 
that appeared a couple of weeks ago 
from blossoms such as what is shown above...

These are two new baby Bearss Seedless Limes 
on my other drarf citrus tree ~ 
It's the first time this tree has produced limes, 
so needless to say,"I'm absolutely thrilled."

1 comment:

  1. I am so excited that spring is finally here in Alaska and all my plants are starting to show more signs of life!!!


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