Historic Yakutat Alaska

Yakutat, Alaska 
historical photographs 
courtesy of Norm Israelson...

A couple of bull moose
on the Dangerous River Flats
A whale vertebrae
with Arny's old 375 Magnum leaning on it
Aerial of Yakutat
in the early 60's
Aerial shot of
Johnson Slough Landing
Russian Ship -
some of the crewman shook their fists at
Dad and Norm in the plane
A view of the
first Akwe fish camp
A view of the
near-record day fishing
Arny Israelson's
big-wheeled buggy on Situk bridge
Arny Israelson's lodge at the Alsek -
blew down in a will-o-wah that same winter
Arny Israelson's
first lodge on the Alsek
along with his Super Cub
Arny on break
from fishing
Barge wreck
at the shoreline of Cannon Beach 
Bell Can Dock
Big bull moose
on the Dangerous River flats
Big herd of bull moose
on the Upper Dangerous River Flats -
they would gather there and fight it out
Brown Bear --
hitchhiker at Akwe
Brown bear --
back for seconds
Brown bear --
back for thirds
Brown bear
helping himself to salmon
Coast Guard Albatross after 1-engine landing -
Dale Hart's
Early seaplane at Yakutat
on Sandy Beach--off of Monti Bay
First fish camp
on the Akwe River
Fish buyers in the Alsek River -
power scow Robert S - shooner Italio - brine scow
Getting close to
adding another bin board
Gillnet skiff
on the Alsek River
Going through
Canoe Pass
Italio Lake
Japanese glass balls - floats -
there were very many of them...
Johnson Slough Landing
Karl Omhdahl and Bud Anderson
loading up the SeaBee
Looking east
from Ocean Cape
Lost River
in the early 60s
Mt St Elias
taken from Yakutat Village
Norm Israelson
at Broken Bridge
Norm gillnetting -
East River in 1957
Norm shot this nice buck by Lost River -
a long way out on the grass flats -
had to go get his buddy Ralph Guthrie to help pack it out
Norm with his goat
when hunting at Icy Bay
Norm's '59 Chevy -
newest car in Yakutat at the time
Another view of the old barge
on the shoreline of Cannon Beach
Original fish camp
at Akwe
Pitching fish
aboard the Situk Barge
Rainbow at the Yakutat Airport
(believe this is Dick Nichol's plane)
Record load
of coho's 779
Running past Hubbard Glacier
with 700' of ice hanging over them
Russian Trawler -
Dad flew out and Norm took a bunch of photographs -
12 miles offshore for the Associated Press
Russian trawler
with full drag
over Monti Bay
Super Cubs on the ocean beach
at Yakutat
Tending a gillnet
on the Akwe
The Kayak
in Dry Bay
The beautiful
old schooner Italio
The equipment for the
first Akwe fish camp in Dry Bay
The first fish hauler at the Akwe -
a surplus SeaBee
The first vehicle at the Akwe fish camp -
surplus army weapons carrier with hand-built plywood cab -
no doors
The fish buyers
at the Alsek
The floating cannery Kayak -
a converted landing craft operated for many years by Jack Most -
the first salmon Norm ever sold was to him
The old Colorado Gas and Oil Warehouse
on the hill on the east side of Icy Bay
The original army weapons carrier
on the Akwe
The outhouse at Akwe -
named -Ocean View-
The weapons carrier
before the cab was added
Their competition fish buyer,
the Frederick C out of Pelican -
Johnny Breseman owner
Up Johnson Sough
with the pickup boat
When a bear hauled a gillnet up on the beach
it was a mess and mending nets was constant
when it was active
Yakutat Airport
in the winter of 1963
Yakutat Bellingham Canning Co
(Bell Can) Dock in 1963
Yakutat Boat Harbor -
first winter


  1. Hi Sandra, very interesting photos--thank you for sharing! My family has been fishing & hunting in Dry Bay and on the Akwe since the late 1950's. Does the name 'Mortensen' sound familiar? Clint, Bud, Dan, Linda, & Dave are probably the most likely names you've heard. I believe Arnie and Clint were friends and hunted together; does that seem correct to you? What was your involvement in the area? Thanks again!

  2. @Scott Mortensen, thank you! Most of these photos were provided by Arnie's son Norm, what treasures! I do remember the Mortensen's you mentioned, as my father Dale Firestack was great friends with them and he was a pilot so flew to Dry Bay and Akwe often, and I grew up in Yakutat in the sole house on Sandy Beach (at the time). I've lived in Juneau for the past 30-plus years, but now own our second home which we purchased in Yakutat several years ago so we visit Yakutat often, lucky us ;)!

  3. Whoa! What a flash back to see Dale Hart's C-180 Amphib among these pics. (Don't see any sheets of plywood strapped on top the crossbars, but I know he did it!) Dale was one of a kind! All of my experience with him was down here in Louisiana, where our FBO kept up his planes, and he ran his Oilfield service company. Do you have any more info or pics of his AK adventures? He sure loved that place....
    Charles Fournet
    Paul Fournet Air Service
    Lafayette, La.

  4. Hey Cuz! Thanks for sharing great pictures.


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