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August 31, 2012: Actual August 2012 Blue Moon (Second Moon) Captured in Juneau, Alaska...

August 31, 2010:

Three stages of the actual Blue Moon
(Second Moon)
as captured in Juneau, Alaska...

It was somewhat of a 'hit and miss'
with the clouds hanging over the mountain,
then just as the Blue Moon was cresting
the clouds cleared at
10:11 p.m. Alaska Standard Time (AST)...

The clouds re-appeared in front of the Blue Moon
for a couple of minutes,
and then I was able to capture this
shot at 10:13 p.m. AST...

This shot was captured at a couple-second-break
during the midst of clouds passing in front
of the Blue Moon at 10:15 p.m. AST...

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