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July 24-September 17 2010: Meyer Lemons on my Dwarf Tree - Status Update...

July 24, 2010:
Update on my indoor potted dwarf meyer lemon tree...

These were new baby meyer lemons that first appeared in the past couple of days and measure about 1/2" each.  All but two fell off the tree since this photograph was taken, but see how the remaining are continuing to mature below... 

The following are two surviving meyer lemons,
and they later measure nearly 2 inches on September 17, 2010.
I can't wait until they are completely ripe...

This new baby meyer lemon just appeared a  couple of weeks ago 
and it already measures nearly 1/2" today on September 17, 2010.  
How exciting is that? 

Update:  I just found that this photo was featured at: on 11-15-10 
to my surprise from my flicker account.

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  1. I purchased my two dwarf citrus trees from California that produce full-size fruit; one produces meyer lemons, and the other bearss limes. They were 3-yrs.-old when I first received them. In this photo of the meyer lemon tree, it is about 3.5-yrs.-old now ;-)



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