May 2015 - Our Yakutat Alaska Hometown Adventure...

May 2015

Our Alaska Hometown Adventure
in Yakutat...

We were blessed to be able to travel back home to Yakutat for a short trip to visit with my son from Ohio after not seeing him for 5 years, spread my Dad's ashes post his passing several years ago, work on our home and relax while enjoying some sightseeing with our company.

We also attended a get together held in my sister and her husband's honor; we're grateful to reconnect with so many family members and friends.

The day after, we met the flight from Juneau to Yakutat and picked up my brother in law and his girlfriend. They stayed for the duration of our trip.

We all wished we could have stayed longer, as usual...

My son, JR, arriving Juneau to overnight Sunday,
prior to heading to Yakutat the next morning on Monday...
Our glorious Yakutat sunset
viewed from our home
the evening we arrived on Thursday...
On our way to Cannon Beach,
we stopped for a bit of sightseeing and sport fishing...

Cannon Beach,
oh how we missed thee...

After a bit of a stroll,
we arrived at Broken Bridge to spread my Dad's ashes;
couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to do so...

Salmon fry even showed up for this special occasion...

White Alice,
wish we could have spent the day here
although we had to head to the airport to catch our flight back to Juneau...

Walked down to visit with Mother and family
and to introduce Amberly (brother in law Steve's girlfriend).
Couldn't resist having brother Kevin pose
with this hefty king salmon he recently caught,
mighty nice, huh?!...
While we were gone visiting
the hubs and his brother installed this new ripple siding on the first stairwell landing,
including designing this ingenious 'shrine' for us two ladies that states,

"The Holy Family / Praise the Women"

~ Never a dull moment with these two, love 'em to bits!! ~
Adding our personal touches of beach-comb findings,
humming bird feeders
and a few moose horns from post-year Yakutat hunts...

Mountain view from our home...
Lake views from our home...

Uh oh, catching rays
while 'dry' jet boat riding, looks like to me.

~ Always having too much fun, says not one of us ever! ~
We stopped by to visit Master Carver brother Fred
to view this tremendous totem pole soon be erected at the Senior Center area.

Waiting for our flight to arrive at the Yakutat Lodge outside deck,
then it's time to fly back to Juneau.

~ Super adore these benches and tables, I want a set of them ;) ~
All good things must come to an end.

Here we're rounding Douglas Island (above),
then flying across Gastineau Channel (below)
via Alaska Airlines,
then approaching the Juneau runway...
Short but sweet.

We all can't wait to head back...

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