February 2, 2013: Special Performance - Yakutat, Alaska Mount Saint Elias Dancers...

February 2, 2013: 

Yakutat, Alaska Mount Saint Elias Tlingit Dancer's
special performance 
during Mother's 80th Birthday Family Reunion...

Nieces Layla and Abby pre-performance...
Grand entrance song...

Cousin JP...

Niece Lydia...
Cousin James proudly dancing
introducing Mom's newly carved traditional Tlingit
paddle in this performance
that was previously presented this evening to her
by son Fred..
Cousin Darin dancing
following James
with the other paddle Fred carved...

This traditional bowl was placed in front of Mom
and a new song was reverently
provided to both of them... 

Before the exit dance,
Mom surprisingly stood up and providing an impromptu speech
explaining how thankful she is for our traditions
and the wonderful performance by the Mount Saint Elias Dancers tonight,
for standing together and loving one another,
and for the love and respect we all share as a community
(You could "hear a pin drop"!!)...

The exit dance...

This emotional dance performance
was nothing short of spectacular.

It is so phenomenal each and every time that it's hard to put
down into words or attempt to provide them their due justice.

This is especially true on this very, very special occasion
where the tender feelings poured out
of each and every dancer
and all of us that were mesmerized
while watching this amazing performance...

[Disclaimer: All regalia and artwork designs presented 
in this and related posts are not to be reproduced]

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