August 18, 2012: A Porcupine Came to Visit Me in Juneau, Alaska...

August 18, 2012:

A porcupine came to visit about 9:00 p.m.
to my side yard in Juneau, Alaska
while I was picking a few
raspberries for a recipe photo op...

He came on his annual trek
through my yard.  He surprised me, as it was pitch black
when I was taking a photograph of raspberries on the vine
using an LED flashlight, and then
he alerted me to his presence by
softly snorting over and over again for several minutes.
I finally noticed what it was when he was about 5' away...

Pretty good capture, huh?
Well, considering
the circumstance and all...

He hung around for about
10 to 15 minutes slowly walking, stopping, sitting, etc.,
all the while looking at me and acting like he was
genuinely happy to see me ~
(He has apparently grown accustomed to me
taking his photograph during every visit
since he was a baby ;)...

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