November 2010: My Mom's New Precious Puppy "Duke"...

Max's newest lil' buddy Duke!!!
Duke is a Pomeranian puppy just over 4 months old.  
Our niece Alex recently found Duke in Wasilla 
and purchased him, and then sent him to 
Grandma (my Mom) in Yakutat, Alaska as a surprise...

On 8-19-11, I found a blog that featured 
my following photographs 
on the "The Pomeranians" at: 

"Hurry up and get done with taking
photographs of me already...Let's play!"

Duke looks like a miniature 'fox' posing this way... 

"Hey Grandma...What ya doing?" 

Duke is seriously contemplating
something mischievous - Hummm...

Max taking pictures of Duke
with my Brother Larry in the background -
What a precious lil' bugger!

Guess it's "nappy time" for Duke.
I have a feeling he is going to
miss "his new-found buddy Max"
~ Almost looks like a tear there - Awe ~

Duke looks right at home in his new buddy's lap.
Max sure got attached to Duke
during his recent visit to Yakutat.
He even gave him a bath because
Duke likes to bury his snack bones outside
and he gets dirty from head-to-toe
when doing so
~ Poor Mom when Max leaves ~

1 comment:

  1. I'm so thankful that Max took the time during his visit to take pics for me to post for us to I have not yet met the precious "Duke"...we hope you enjoy all ;-)


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