Summer 2010: Such is the life of a Charter Captain, my brother Larry Bemis, aboard the Happy Hooker with clients...

My brother Larry Bemis is the Charter Captain aboard the boat named the Happy Hooker.  Following are photographs that were taken during a couple of his many successful fishing charters with clients in 2010.  What a beautiful and serene place our hometown of Yakutat, Alaska is ~ All this splendor can only be found in Southeast Alaska...
~ To book a charter, feel free to contact Larry via e-mail at ~

My brother Larry Bemis is the  Charter Captain who has garnered a vast, lifetime knowledge while fishing the waters of Yakutat, Alaska for over half of a century...

Snow Geese flying north this last 2010 spring in Yakutat, Alaska...

Captain Larry is getting ready to put the gear in the water,
while the clients check out the beautiful surroundings...

Fish on...

King salmon underwater before it was
netted to bring aboard the Happy Hooker
for a lucky client...

Cheers to Charter Captain  Larry Bemis
for a successful fishing trip in Yakutat, Alaska!

Happy clients posing with Captain Larry
displaying their successful fishing bounty!

Double nice!

Triple nice!

The king salmon in the middle is
nearly as large as the halibut!

Another satisfied client
with her huge king salmon!

A brown bear swimming in the frigid waters of Yakutat, Alaska
attempting to get the fish aboard the Happy Hooker,
while clients were out on charter!

The halibut in the middle is enormous.
Another successful charter with happy clients!

[These charter fishing photographs were taken in Yakutat, Alaska, and posted with the permission of Larry Bemis and his wife Robin...many thanks for sharing so we can now all enjoy them along with you!]

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  1. I am so proud of my brother Larry for all the hard work he puts in to provide the clients with memorable and successful fishing trips in our hometown of Yakutat, Alaska...he's one of a kind ~ for sure!


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