October 2010: Max's latest Moose/Goose/Duck Hunting Trip in Southeast Alaska...

Max's was able to use his newly won shotgun to shoot a goose and a few ducks.  However, no luck shooting a bull moose, although he had a great trip and saw a lot of cows, and one with a calf.  There were a couple of bull moose they saw, but they were just in the wrong spot.
~ Thankfully he took a few photographs to share with us ~
A moonlit night
shortly after his arrival...

Beautiful country...

The mountains are
absolutely spectacular...

A bald eagle's favorite spot,
as you'll see in two more
photographs coming up...

A cow and her calf,
along with a couple more to follow...

Brother Larry showing Max
the power of his new jet motor...

Max is sporting his new shotgun
he won from Ducks Unlimited
just prior to this hunting trip,
and he shot a goose - Yay!
~ Plus and a couple of ducks he didn't take photographs of ~

Brother Larry is sure happy
with his new jet motor...

What spectacular and pristine beauty
- A person just can't find this
splendor anywhere else...

Brother Larry plucking Max's Goose
- What a guy!

The bald eagle's look-out tree
- It's no wonder because of its
phenomenal view of the
mountains, moon, sunset, trees, clouds,
and Max...

Max was asking,
"Where's your boyfriend?"

This is Johnson Slough
where the old train tracks
used to lead to the fish buying
operation years ago...

Four swans
heading south for the winter...

I asked Max if he captured any bull moose photographs, and he said,
"No, I wouldn't have taken pictures
because I would've shot it instead,
and then took pictures!"
- (Duh...I should've known ;)

A fantastic trip, and hopefully they'll
have better luck
getting a moose next year...

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  1. I sure wish I could have been traveling with Max...although it's almost like I was when he shares us his photographs!


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