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July 28, 2012: Sheep Creek out at Thane Road in Juneau, Alaska...

July 28, 2012: 

Views from Thane Road 
and the Sheep Creek area 
in Juneau, Alaska
(the final of three creeks we visited today)...

A commercial fishing vessel
arriving via Gastineau Channel
as viewed from a Thane Road lookout area...

Another commercial fishing vessel
just off the shoreline of Sandy Beach in South Douglas
as viewed from Thane Road...

Sheep Creek bustling
with Chum Salmon in their
attempt to make it upstream
to their spawning ground...

Viewing Sheep Creek and its waterfall
to the east
from the bridge...

What an amazing sight,
I've never seen so many spawning Chum Salmon...

The Alaska Quest heading home
via Gastineau Channel
to Juneau, Alaska...

The Carnival Spirit
cruise ship
departing Juneau via Gastineau Channel...

Watch this particular
Chum Salmon (in the next two photographs as well),
it sure has diligence...

A fun outing viewing the local sites,
and to end it by watching wild and delicate Daisies
blowing in the wind

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