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December 2010: Bear Bread my Husband Harvested in early December 2010 while on a Deer Hunting Trip...

My husband found this "Bear Bread" under the damp, fall canopy of Southeast Alaska's rainforest where the fungi proliferate. 

Here's a spectacular-looking fungus. 
We harvest them when they are heavy with moisture, 
dry them until they are very light in weight, 
and paint on the smoother front side...

Backside of the Bear Bread...

Front side of the Bear Bread...

My father in law painted on the
Bear Bread once it was dry -
he's very talented...

Here is different piece of Bear Bread
that is a work-in-progress -
notice the cabin to the right..

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see how the finished painting turns out on this Bear Bread!



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